Sizing Guide

Here at Boootify it's important to us that you get the right fit for your leggings. Because we know that a great fit is going to contribute to that "I have a great booty feel". That's why we are offering 4 point checklist that you can go through to ensure that we help find the best fit for you and your booty. Let's get started ....

1. Individual Boootify Fit Sizing Recommendations
It's for this reason that we have included individual sizing guides for each of our leggings.

They look a little like this (see image below) and can be found in the image gallery for each of our leggings and sets.

Be sure to read this and order accordingly. We have also talked to our suppliers and taken feedback from previous customers to help deliver our "Boootify Fit Recommendation" which is additional advice so you can make the best fit decision!

2. Measure the Boootify way
Here are some guidelines on how to measure yourself so that you can match them with our sizing guides.

We also recommend to get your favorite pair of leggings (that fit you really well) and while laying the garment flat measuring the waist and hip area. Measure the waist (say on the front) and then simply multiple by 2 to get the total width. You can do the same for the hip and length (our length refers from top of the garment all the way to the bottom hem) and then compare it to our sizing charts.

Note: Please don’t just order what you think is your normal size. Please refer to our individual sizing charts and select your leggings size based on that. Our products are not standardized and our different manufacturers have their own sizing charts and measurements. Following our Boootify sizing charts will help you determine the best fit for you.

3. Get the Boootify Fit
We make sure to add detailed and specific descriptions for each of our leggings. This way you will be best able to determine the best fit for you. Looking for something squat proof? Too easy, look for the “Squat Proof” category in our each of our descriptions and we will tell you: no, moderately, or yes for sure. Here is a breakdown of our grading system.

Details, Size, and Fit
Booty Rise Mid Rise or High Rise
Mid Rise ==>Just below or on the navel
High Rise ==>Covering your navel and then some

Booty Fabric Thin, Standard, Thick
Thin ==> Delicate fabric which will require seamless underwear and is usually not squat proof
Standard ==> In between thick and thin which means you will be able to do moderate exercise and may be squat proof
Thick ==> Fabric that is ready to go anywhere in. Squat poof and ready

Material Makeup Combinations of nylon, spandex, and polyester

Booty Back Design Classic (T-Shape), Booty Highlighter, Booty Enhancing
Classic T shape ==> These are the standard back design you will find in most pants and leggings. Matched with a high rise these leggings will be still be comfortable and booty flattering

Booty Highlighter ==> More sophisticated version of the classic T-shape back design these leggings will have added curves and structures that highlight, shape and emphasize your booty area.

Booty Enhancing ==> By far our favorite, these leggings are designed to make your booty look the best they possibly can be. Seamless and with 4 way stretch, this selection of leggings will hug your curves, fit you like a second skin and will shape and lift your booty like no other leggings will.

Booty Squat Proof No, Moderate, Yes
No ==> These leggings are best for light fitness sessions that don't involve squatting. Delicate fabric and interesting designs means these will be perfect to go out of the house with and take on coffee dates or some nice Instagram photos!

Moderate ==> These leggings are moderately squat proof. We wouldn't use them entirely for leg day but most other workouts in the gym will be acceptable. These may become more squat proof with seamless underwear in black or nude.

Yes ==> You can squat all day and all night in these babies! Take them to the gym, for your next marathon, to coffee, to your next date or even wear them at home! Usually comprised of thick material with 4 way stretch you will never want to take these babies off!

Booty Length 7/8, Full Length
7/8 length  ==> Not entirely full length and size just above or on your ankle bone
Full length ==> Will be a minimum of ankle length with a maximum of running to the bottom of your heel

Size and Fit True to size, runs small, runs large
True to size ==> Order according to size guide
Runs small  ==> Order down one size
Runs large ==> Order up one size

Where to Wear Blood Sweat and Gym, Light Fitness, Athleisure
Blood sweat and gym ==> You can squat all day long in the gym with these. Have no fear that anyone will know what color and type of underwear you are wearing. Twerk away at home or in public (if you dare) with the peace of mind that you will not be flashing anyone. These leggings are ready to work all day everyday, with you. Take them anywhere and dress them however you like – be rest assured they will work as hard as you do.

Light Fitness ==> You might not be hitting the gym and doing leg day in these but you are good to do just about anything else. Up to go for a run around the park? Up to go for coffee with the girls? Up to do an arm or cardio session in the gym? These babies are as versatile as you can get and are especially great for days where you want to flaunt the booty while you are doing whatever you fancy.

Athleisure ==> Let's face it you might not do anything remotely that resembles exercise today but you want to look like you will. These are great for days when we don't want to wear jeans but we still want to look cool and be comfortable. Match with a cool tee and some sneakers and head to the mall with the girls. Create as many sporty chic looks with these leggings as you want.

4. Get The Right Size Guarantee
If all fails and you still didn't happen to order the right size then don't worry. As always there is the Get The Right Size Guarantee which means you can get a new item in the right size for only a $9.95 postage and processing fee without having to return your original purchase.

So there you have it. There are 4 different ways you can choose the best pair of leggings for you. And, if you have any other questions about sizing then please contact us here and we will be happy to help!