Why Choose Boootify?

Here at boootify we love leggings/tights/ spandex or whatever you prefer to call them. Making your booty's look fabulous is what we do and we believe in showing them off whether you are hitting the gym or brunching with the girls on the weekend. So, here are 5 reasons why you should choose boootify to buy your next pair of leggings.

1. We understand your legging obsession
We know that leggings make your booty's look the best they ever have. We KNOW the wonders that a great legging can do for your booty. We love how versatile they really are. And we especially understand that they are the most comfortable things on the planet to wear (that is socially acceptable to wear outside of the house).

2. We like to keep on trend and in budget
While it’s nice to have a $150 pair of leggings – isn’t it just so much more fun to have 5-6 pair of leggings you absolutely love and can reflect your different moods? We think so! We believe in being fashionable (maybe even trendy) but don't think you need to fork out $100 for a pair of leggings. So we have dedicated ourselves to finding the next best alternative to some big brand leggings that are great quality with a much more affordable price.

3. We know you don’t like paying extra for shipping
We understand that a great deal online can be ruined by having to pay for extra shipping. That’s why we have included FREE standard shipping on ALL orders (with no minimum purchase). We use e-packet for all our shipping which is a US Postal Service product which means you can track your leggings all the way from our warehouses to your home (with peace of mind).

4. We have a crazy exchange policy
The team at boootify have been debating on whether to go ahead with this exchange policy – since it’s a little bit crazy and could send us out of business. But we really wanted to give you girls the peace of mind knowing that you would be able to get the right size for your leggings. And, while we have put a lot of time and effort into our individual boootify recommendation sizing guides – sometimes the fit just isn’t right for you. So we decided to come up with the ‘get it right’ guarantee which ensures that you can get your favorite pair of leggings in the right size. You can learn more about our crazy exchange policy here.

5. We really need to make you happy
Yes, boootify hasn’t even turned one yet. We are just starting out and what that means is that every single one of you boootify girls is important to us. We want to make sure you are happy. We know that if you are happy that you might share some of that happiness with a friend or two (which makes good for business). That’s why your happiness (and your booty) is our number one priority.

If you have anymore questions be sure to contact us at support@boootify.com or via the contact page.

Until next time!


The Boootify Team